How many putts do you need?

Matthew Johns

26 July 2021

Research suggests that putts make up around 40% of your shots each round. If you shoot 80, you can expect around 32 of those shots to be on the greens. Shooting 90, you might jump up to as many as 36. Now, ask yourself this: How many of those were three-putts? How many could you cut by dodging triples on the greens?

There are two (pretty obvious) places to improve: getting your long-range putts close and being clinical from short-range. Believe it or not, Odyssey’s sublime 2-Ball Ten putters actually help with both of those key components.

The revolutionary Stroke Lab technology in the shaft - you can't miss it - promotes a more consistent stroke for optimal distance control time after time.

Additionally, rejuvenating the legendary White Hot insert by combining it with Microhinge technology ensures your ball starts rolling with topspin sooner after impact. No more hopping and jumping!

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Odyssey Ten Putter Review

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